Asra (asrawho) wrote in pimpmyjournal,

Layout Request...

Browser title: Behind the hijab, there dwells a soul...
Background IMAGE:, I'd like it big on the whole page please.
Background COLOR: Black #000000
Font: MS Reference Sans Serif
Font size: I want 11 pt for the actual journal entry text and then 12 for the subject and date
Font color: Color red. #FF0000.
link colors: Hmmm, white I guess since it'll show up on the black background.
Entry alignment: Right.
entry border: Solid
Border size: 4. The medium
Border color: Red.
Comments links:
post comment = leave me a rose
# comments = # fallen petals
And the image in between:, or Whichever you think'll look better with the theme.
Entry background: Black please.
Thank you!
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