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Override Request

Browser title: "I'm Forced To Fake A Smile, A Laugh, Everyday Of My Life."
Background IMAGE: This is the image - Image hosted by
and here is the link -
Background COLOR: black
Font: the one that's on my header..I dont know what its called, and if you dont have that, than maybe just a simple Arial or Tahoma?
font size: umm maybe 12 or 14?
font color: light blue (as close to the color on the background image as possible)
link colors: white
entry alignment: right
entry border: dotted
border size: 6
border color: light blue (same as the font color)
comments links: I want the link that says how many comments I have to just be the number and than a heart (♥ - the code for that is &*hearts*; but just remove the 2 stars (*) in case you don't know) and the one to leave a comment to just say "comment" ( like it does now )
entry background: transparent would be cool

also, do you guys do sidebars???

thanks in advance ♥
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