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Pimp My Journal

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Pimp My Journal

This is a community to request overrides for free accounts. I do these overrides on my own time, so please be patient &allow 1 week before complaining that I haven't gotten to yours yet.

To submit an override request, fill out the following request form, & title your post, "Override Request."

Browser title: ( For example: the title of this communities browser is: Pimp My Journal)
Background IMAGE: Send me the link to the picture you would like to use as your background image, if you need help hosting your image ask me. A great place that hosts images such as backgrounds is www.photobucket.com
Background COLOR: (If you chose a background image, this will be underneath the picture)
Font: These are a few examples, you can choose one of these, or provide your own.
comic sans ms
font size:
font color:
link colors:
entry alignment:
(where your entries: left, right, center)
entry border: (example: solid, dashed, dotted or inset)
border size:(1 thru 10, 10 being the thickest)
border color:
comments links: (what do you want your comments links to say? Any image you want between them? Link the image you want.. Or what symbol [i.e. | - + o () *
entry background: pick a color to be in your entries, if you want your background to be seen through the entires, simply say, "transparent."

For a background request, fill out the following form, & post it in the community, title your post, "Background Request."

Screen resolution: 1024x768 or 800x600. To find out your screen resolution, go to your desktop, left click, go to properties, & you'll see the screen resolution.
Main background color:
Any image(s)?: When telling us the images, please link. If you want to post the picture, please use an LJ cut.
Where do you want the image(s) on your background?:
Your e-mail address:

(Note, backgrounds with animation will not be made.)

Thanks!!! <333

The Mods are:
[info]jamiecrosse [AIM: jamiecrosse]
[info]fadingstars828[AIM: xOneBrokenStarx
Love them, respect them, please don't yell at them.